Thursday, August 30, 2007

Now this is exciting.

I noticed that one of MSN's hot search topics today was the possibility of a Clinton/Obama ticket next November. Now, good little dems like me have been praying for a ticket like this for (literally) three or four years now. Now without getting into anything specific, I just want to say that to me, putting my gal Hil and Barack Obama (I'm really thinking I spelled B.O.'s first name wrong, don't let this make you doubt my credibility, lol) on the same presidential ticket is like someone buying a lifetime subscription of Penthouse for a porn addict. In other words, it's very exciting.
The GOP just has so many dents in its armor right now, can it take a Clinton-Obama onslaught? That is a war I'll definitely endorse.
Yes, yes I know. No primaries for another six(ish) months or so. But that's why it's a least to nerds like me. ;0)