Wednesday, September 12, 2007

See Samantha date. See Samantha post 50 times a day.

My whole mood is just kicked up a notch lately. I didn't realize it, but apparently I had a little air of gloom about me. Everyone is noticing that I seem more light-hearted and that I'm always smiling a tiny little smile. They say my eyes have a spark back in them. Blame it on L. I got a wake up call this morning and more flowers at lunch time. This man is spoiling me. I told him he should probably stop or I'd get used to it.
Even dumbass rednecks from the pawn shop can't kill my mood. We were outside the back door kissing goodbye and this scary old man walks by and says something really clever like, "Hey babe, you kissin' the UPS dude? Did he catch you checking out his package?" Raucous laughter followed. Package. UPS. Get it? Yeah.
It's a bit sad but I had really forgotten what it was like to feel this way about someone. Sure I was excited over the thing I had with C, but it was very superficial. I knew it wasn't going to end up being a serious relationship. Plus, he got to be very annoying. He was always trying to impress me by name dropping (hello, loser. I know the "important" people in town too, ok? I go to most of their Christmas parties.) or by telling me how much money he spent on this thing, or that thing. Like I really fucking care.
L makes me feel amazing. My self-confidence is no longer fake and over-exaggerated, it is real again. I feel like a human being again. I feel like a woman again.
And you know what? I love it.