Thursday, July 19, 2007

Did you know cats like to eat blueberry bagels?

I didn't. But they do. Well, at least they like to chew on them and use them as a make-shift hockey puck to chase around the kitchen. I got the boys replacement kitties. A boy and a girl, named Lily and Herman. They're all cute and kittenish...except at 2am when I'm desperately trying to sleep and they are tangling themselves up in my hair and chewing on it. Wow. It took writing the previous sentences for me to catch on to the fact that they just flat like to chew on things. Color me observant.

I'm in love with our UPS guy. We're getting married and having lots of little brown clad babies. What is it about the delivery guys, huh? How often do you hear that same comment out of people's mouths. "I'm in love with the UPS guy." He's in his mid-to-late thirties, tall, blond, tan, super friendly, and smells a little like cigarette smoke, which of course reminds me of smoking...which I miss, but I'm still not doing. (good for me, right? C'mon, someone cheer already!) Actually, I think I'm just hormonal. We've got a real-life diet coke commercial going on right outside our front store window. A bunch of guys repaving and reconstructing part of the furniture store and the parking lot. Very nice to look at, even though they are a bunch of assholes. Yesterday I was cleaning the outside of the windows so they're clean and shiny for our new window display and they were yelling suggestive comments in my direction.

My heart is a little bit broken b/c I have yet to see the new Harry Potter movie. It's the first one I've not seen on opening day. Very depressed about this. Trying to be all sad and pitiful about it so my mom will either a)watch the boys so I can go or b)make my brother watch them so she can go with me, and therefore PAY.

The boys started daycare on Tuesday. It's the one in town that's very hard to get into, but my MIL knows most of the people who work there, and pulled some strings. I'm telling you, if you need something done, just call MIL and she'll find a way to do it.

Well, should get back to work and eat some more amaretto milano cookies. Have a great day!