Monday, July 16, 2007

Finally, I can breathe

I have been ridiculously busy the last two weeks. Work is insane b/c it is officially back-to-school time, which means we have a store room full of bagged school purchase orders, new shipments arriving everyday, and the store front is full of teachers getting stuff for their classrooms.
L will turn 2 tomorrow, which I can hardly believe. He and X will share a party this year since the dates are so close (X will be 4 on 8/8). The party is 7/28 and X is less than thrilled about sharing the party. Not because of any jealousy issue, but b/c he does not want to share his cake. I'm glad to see he is following in my footsteps and knows that cake is the most important thing, and well worth being selfish over, lol.
MIL is taking the boys today to try and enroll in daycare/preschool. I'm so ready for them to get into a routine. This summer they've been shuffled between MIL and my little brother as far as babysitters go. I don't want a mess when school starts, so it's best to get them enrolled now.
My lawyer has the divorce on the court schedule for today, hoping the judge will set a finality date. This mess should have been final two months ago, but for someone who wanted out so badly, the ex is sure dragging his feet over this. I think I'll do the really white-trashy thing and throw a party the day we sign the final papers.
No wit or comedy today, folks. Have a good week!