Thursday, June 14, 2007

300 miles might not be far enough

I think 50/50 has changed to 60/40....or 70/30, I'm not sure. Maybe caring about someone else's problems wouldn't be that bad. Hmm...
My friend and fellow zombie movie fan HJ and I have developed a habit of spending hours on the phone. "Talking about what?" you ask. Well, nothing important. Just movies and editing and directing and cinematography...all that stuff. I really try not to geek out about it on here, b/c it generally annoys people, but to me, that stuff is always more important than the plot. I was a film/media student. Love it, live it, breathe it. Film, film, film. Movies, movies, movies. I am a nerd. And I've found my counterpart. HJ is a film maker, who currently works in a law firm. He is one of the most talented amateurs I have ever seen. This is not spoken from bias, but seriously. He's one of those people who have so much talent you wish you could bottle and sell it. You'd make a killing.
I know this post is dull and random, but HJ thoughts have been floating around in my head all day. This pisses me off, b/c didn't I SWEAR I wouldn't get all boycrazy and weird? I'm sure I made that decision at some point. Oh well. Just further proof that I am a heart follower more than a head follower. I tend to get overzealous, carried away. But I also burn out quickly too. Maybe this time around I'll find someone else as commitment-phobic as I am. That way, if we get married, we'll both be uncomfortable with the commitment part, and we'll try extra hard. Or else I'll just never get married again and become a perpetual dater. Perpetual dater, ha. Doesn't that mean prostitute in some countries??