Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hazards of the trade

Wow. You never know who you'll run into working retail. You'd think in a place called "The Teacher Store", it'd be pretty safe. Matronly-type ladies buying flash cards and bulletin board sets and what not, right? Well, I was unprepared for the new young male teacher and his dumb friends. The guy who was the teacher was fine, he was actually looking for stuff and buying. His friend however, was a different story. He was swimming in cologne (seriously, the store smelled like him for an hour. my boss was gone while they were here, came back about thirty minutes later and was like, "what is that smell??") and LITERALLY following me around the store as I was rearranging shelves to put out a new shipment of bookmarks, postcards, cutesy little hall passes, etc...I think I learned his whole life history in the 20 or so minutes he was here. For instance, he is from Mississippi, here visiting his friend. He has bad handwriting and is unmotivated, is not sure if he will finish his degree this year or not. He spends approximately 15 minutes on his hair each morning and uses an expensive gel he buys from the hairdresser (why would you tell someone this, really?). Two years ago he was "soooooo drunk" he passed out on the sidewalk and was ran over by a guy on a bicycle. His ex-girlfriend drives a vespa, and once he fell off. What random crap. Maybe this is why I don't have a boyfriend. I write off all the vespa-falling-off, hair-gel-buying creeps as losers. Maybe he was really, REALLY a winner. Um, no. I nodded politely and smiled occasionally so as not to appear mean, that has to count for something.
Oh, and I have to share about my Thursday, b/c it was the best day ever, relatively speaking. The Ex went crying to his dad b/c guess what? They started garnishing his wages to take out child support. That's what happens when you don't pay up, bastard. He hasn't given me a dime in months. Now apparently he can't make the rent on his fancy new apartment, or pay for his fancy new car. He is so, so bad with money. He is going to drown in bills. He was ALREADY drowning in bills. I get collection notices for him in the mail all the time, AND he has already had one court appearance for writing bad checks, and two more coming up (plus court dates for failing to register a vehicle in his own name and driving w/o insurance). And speaking of said fancy new car, the fuel pump broke. Ha! Also, I learned that my ex-MIL and her husband are NOT moving (hooray!!), my friend D came and mowed my lawn, and my friend A burned me a copy of the new Maroon 5 cd. What a fabulous Thursday I had. It's the little things.
Have a phenomenal weekend!!