Monday, April 23, 2007

The first phone call I receive this morning...

Me: Hello, the Teacher Store this is Samantha. Can I help you?
Caller: Um, yeah hi. Is this the clinic?
Me: No, this is the Teacher Store.
Caller: Oh, ok. Sorry.

That person is certainly not getting a gold star today.

--I guess Saturday night was party night for all the opossums or something, b/c on the way to church yesterday, it was like, 'possum palooza. There were 4 dead ones within an 8.5 mile stretch of road. Xavier says, "Mom, what are those squashed cat things?"

--On my bad-list today: Belligerent home schoolers. You have three basic types of people who home school their children. 1)The ones who really believe in it, follow the guidelines and give their kids a good education. 2)the ones who think they can do a better job than the public or private schools. they just don't understand why their kids are getting bad grades or are in trouble, because of course they're perfect angels. (This group doesn't usually home school for very long) 3)And the ones who say they home school, buy some stuff here and there and expect me to tell them what they need and how to go about the whole situation. This group doesn't last very long either.
Anyway, I just had a lady come in and tell me (yes, TELL me) that I needed to give her a pamphlet about an upcoming homeschooling convention. Well, we don't have any, sorry. She gets mad and says, "well I lost mine and I know it's coming up b/c it's the end of April." Sorry lady, don't lose important pieces of mail and expect me to bail you out. It's The Teacher Store, not the take care of everybody's problem store. I realize I work in a service industry, and I have a responsibility to my customers. That is to help them to the best of my ability with what resources I have available.
Here, the customer is not always right.