Saturday, May 26, 2007

Their dogs are their children

You know what? My two best friends have been parents and I didn't even know. You see, I thought they were pet owners, but I was mistaken. And the dogs (4 dogs in all, two apiece for each of my friends) are living the good life, let me tell you. My friend A has an entire shelf in her kitchen devoted to the dogs. Meds, treats, food, toys, etc...There is literally more pet food/snacks in her kitchen than people food. I tease them about this all the time, but when I'm around them, I fall into it. "It" being, treating the animals like people. Last night for instance, I had a kid-less evening and went over to A's for food and movies. A and I watched "Music and Lyrics", which I really liked. The editing was not so great, but the soundtrack was fabulous. Hugh Grant never fails to disappoint me with his floppy charm, puppy dog eyes and habit of picking up hookers. Anyway, our friend B arrived shortly thereafter, her two "babies" in tow. Somehow we ended up sitting in the dining room watching the four dogs going crazy, while we narrated them. We had this whole running commentary of what they were saying and thinking, I have not lost my mind. In fact, I'm really trying to figure out how this happened to me. I am an animal lover for sure, but I've never really understood the whole giving them birthday parties thing (yes, they have done that. Lola's cake was beautiful.) or the ordering specialty checks from the bank with the dog's picture on it thing...But maybe they don't get my overwhelming need to buy X and L everything on the planet that has a dinosaur on it, or why I haven't had my hair cut since December so I can save money to buy them a swingset this summer. And after all, dogs don't grow into surly teenagers.