Monday, April 30, 2007

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My friend Nikki has a theory. Maybe it's not an original theory, but regardless, it makes decent sense. She thinks that the idea of women needing to be thin stems from the fact that women are becoming more powerful in the world. More female CEOs, politicians, etc...So to keep men the dominant of the species, it is being bored into our brains that women should be small little things. That way they are still able to be taken care of by their big, brawny counterparts. And when you think of it, the timing seems to be about right too. It's kind of funny that the women's lib movement that made so many people feel empowered and brave enough to break out of their aproned shell, also was a time of women being idealized differently. Women who are highly motivated and successful are deemed bitches and ball busters, men who do the same are go-getters and goal oriented. I have a way to fix it. How about, instead of women starving themselves, why don't we buy all the insecure men penile implants? Or if they're too afraid of going under the knife, we'll just buy them all little red sports cars. See? Problem solved.