Saturday, May 19, 2007

Legal single life draws ever closer

The divorce papers will be signed in about a week and a half. Praise the lord and pass me a gallon of vodka to celebrate. Sure, maybe it seems callous to be happy about this, but I'm ready to be over and done with the whole mess. Hopefully it will put an end to the 16 year old girl calling and harassing me (actually, she'll be 17 on the 25th, should I send her a card?).

Tonight will be a celebratory evening for another reason. My best friend from high school graduated with her Masters yesterday, and we are throwing her a party. I"m very, very proud of her. It should be fun, lots of friends around. We'll try to stick to very mature subjects of conversation and avoid frivolous topics such as, Who is hotter? Prince William or Prince Harry? (Harry, hands down.) Are Jessica Simpson and John Mayer broken up for good this time? (Who cares, honestly??) Where was Britney seen flashing people this week? (Um, where wasn't she?) And isn't it funny how Lindsay Lohan is playing a stripper in her next movie? (SHe's just been researching for the last few years I guess).

Have a great weekend!