Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well, it's been a while

So here I am letting anyone who might care know that i am still among the living. In the process of a divorce, how fun, right?
I'm good, the kids are good, but I miss my blog. I got everything but the computer, lol, and I'm in major withdrawl. But I can jump online at work on Saturdays, so let's get this baby up and running again!
Divorce details? DH (which no longer stands for dear husband,just in case you were curious, lol) left me and the boys 6 months ago for a 16 year old. And he didn't even do me the courtesy of cheating with someone more attractive. Come on, if you're going after a high school girl, at least make her a hot one right?? Am I right??
So I'm looking to jump back into this whole dating thing which feels ridiculous, as it's been so long. But my friends assure me I still have "it", whatever "it" is.
Hey, if you know anyone who likes tall, attractive women who just happen to have 2 kids, let me know. I'm available.
Things that have been on my mind: Andy Roddick is playing incredible tennis, so where's the title? I say he wins the Pacific Life this weekend. American Idol: why is Sanjaya still there? The whole country of India must be voting for him or something. He always looks so surprised when he isn't voted off, that should give people a clue.
Not a lot going on with me, just the same old thing. I do smoke again, which I should probably stop...again. Stress, I'm telling you. It's the Marlboro Menthol Lights that have kept me from pulling a Britney and shaving my head. I have started teaching the 8-14 year old girls at church Wednesday nights. I'm a mentor, we talk about eating disorders and all the other angst-y stuff I've been through. Then we find God in it. They're a good group and it's very fulfilling.
I'll update pictures and things when I can...but don't hold your breath. My work computer is a dinosaur.