Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Good news/Bad news

the good news is...drumroll...FOZZY IS HOME!!!!!!!!

My neighbor from across the street and her son brought him over today, he was in their backyard sniffing around. I opened the door and the son kind of held him up for me to see, and I burst into tears (raise your hand if you're shocked about that, lol). I was just crying and saying, "Thank you, thank you!!" over and over again. They said some things to me, but honestly, I have no idea what. I just kept bawling and thanking them. Oh my poor kitty, he looked like crap. He's so fluffy and requires daily brushing, but he'd been missing for 8 days. You can imagine he was no pretty picture. He was covered in fleas and flea dirt, it was disgusting. I cleaned him up but he still smells funny. I called to get an appointment with a groomer, b/c they can do a better job than I can. I immediately called DH at work to tell him. Oh, he is just too sensitive (sense the sarcasm)

Me: He's (sob) home! Fozzy's (sob, sob) home!!"
DH: And you're crying about this?
Me: I'm just so-(sob)-oo ha(sob)-app(sob)-py!!
DH: Well, that's good.

That's it, that was the reaction. Not like I expected him to throw a parade or anything, but some emotion or happiness would have been nice. I guess I am too emotional for my own good. Typical Pisces.

Bad news. I did not get to see America's Next Top Model tonight. Our CW network is the sister station to our NBC affiliate and sometimes the crack whores who run the station mess up and show the NBC shows on the CW channel. Bad move on premiere night. You'd think someone would have noticed and fixed the problem. I am angry, but will not complain about it here. So instead I watched the Biggest Loser. The guy from my state was chosen for a team, so go him.

Some random thoughts...
--I wish I could play golf. Real golf, not just miniature golf. Although I am really good at mini golf...
--I think it would be fun to bowl in a league. Back in the party days, my friends thought it was really funny to take me bowling when I was drunk, b/c I was actually BETTER while intoxicated.
--Today I had to go pick up some milk and eggs at the store. I did my makeup, did my hair, was looking good. Good enough that I actually THOUGHT I looked nice...then I went and put on jeans and t-shirt I got at the zoo last year. It has an elephant on it. Good face, good hair, elephant shirt. Sexy.