Friday, September 15, 2006

Whine, whine, whine, that's all I'm good at

I am grumpy today. Perhaps that is because I am SICK, feel like dying, and have had little screaming, crying, sticky-handed little children climbing up me all day. They are so selfish, you'd think they were 3 and 1 (lol). So not only am I grumpy b/c I feel like shit, I'm feeling guilty for complaining about them.
My cat is still missing. I'm losing hope. Gwen (our big black cat) has fully accepted her role as head of house, you'd think she'd orchestrated this whole thing herself. Well, you'd think that unless you saw her whining around the house for a day and a half searching and calling for Fozzy. It makes me so sad to think of him scared, cold, hungry, and alone.
Ugh, as soon as X falls asleep I'm hitting the Nyquil and going to bed!!

So, it's been a while but here are some quick rundowns of my Soaps. I'm making this complicated, both for humor and for non-soap fans to see how smart one has to be to keep up with all of this on a daily basis.
Days of Our Lives: Hope finally knows the truth about what Billie did (set the stage to make Hope think she(Billie) had slept with Bo, and helped Chelsea(Bo and Billie's daughter they thought was stillborn, but was really kidnapped by Stefano) try to break up Bo and Hope.) Patrick (Hope's boyfriend and father (supposedly) of her unborn child that was conceived after Hope thought Bo cheated on her with Billie) was arrested for the murder of Eve Michaels, the dirty cop who was hired by Kate(Billie's mother) to steal the evidence against Chelsea(she ran over and killed Zack, her half brother, Bo and Hope's youngest son, driving her dad's vehicle.).
Jennifer and Jack were ambushed and kidnapped while waiting for a source wanting to give them a tip about the Eve Michaels murder. Meanwhile, back in Salem, Frankie(Jen's former fiance, her first love, who Jack insisted get back together with Jen to take care of her b/c he was dying...then he crashed into a frozen river last winter and was thought to be dead, so Frankie and Jen decided to get married early this summer and Jack walked into their wedding just after Jen and F said I do. He was not alone. He brought with him his brother Steve/Patch, who was thought dead in 1990, but was sent away and his memory was wiped clean) is worried and gets Abby (Jack and Jen's oldest daughter) to tell the cops her parents are missing.
Wow...Why don't you just visit Dustin's Days Page for the rest of the story. There's a link to Passions at the top too. Passions is way too complicated to go into right now. Maybe Days and Passions updates aren't my forte. They make no sense to anyone who is not a regular viewer.

I'll try to be more coherent later, ok? Fatigue is setting in!