Thursday, September 21, 2006

Moonshine and terrorism, my town rocks!

A few weeks ago, a family in one of the rural areas near here was arrested for RUNNING A MOONSHINE STILL. I checked the calendar, yep it's 2006. Moonshine. Nice. And last February the truck driving school here was closed b/c the FBI was investigating it after over 100 people of Middle Eastern descent had taken and recieved their trucking licenses here. They were coming in from other towns/states and taking their test here which was fishy. Today the two men in charge of it were in federal court facing all kinds of fun charges. They had been receiving money from a group called Brotherhood of Muslim something or other, so that ppl from some Mid East countries would get their license regardless of whether or not they really passed the driving test. One of the men arrested is a local offical who is currently running for a seat in the state House of Representatives. Now I guess they are investigating whether or not this had any ties to terrorism. I feel super safe living here, let me tell you. We also have a factory here that used to manufacture scud missile parts, now it manufactures military vehicles, vehicle parts, etc...Something tells me we won't make this year's list of 100 best small towns in America.

I didn't put up a Thursday Thirteen today because, to be perfectly honest, I forgot today was Thursday.

A question to others who are alone the majority of the time...Do you talk to yourself, or forget if you've said things out loud or not? Because I am surrounded by children and cats all day, I talk inside my head. You know, making mental notes, etc...And then when DH gets home, I repeat myself a lot, or end up not telling him half the things I mean to b/c I forget what I've said out loud. Does this happen to anyone else or am I just crazy? On second thought, don't answer that!!