Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ok, I'll admit it. I like Jay Leno. There, it's out in the open now.

I'm watching as I type, and he is doing a skit thingie called World Leader Jeopardy, with George W, Fidel Castro, and the Iranian leader whose name I can't spell(portrayed by Gilbert Godfried of all ppl). I was laughing so hard. Here's why:
Jay: What is Pluto?

George: Pluto? It's the Spanish word for pollute. Give a hoot-o, don't plut-o

(ok, ok, maybe it doesn't sound that funny, but it's that guy who does the dead on W impression...you know, the one they sent out on the street once on Regis and Kelly and people thought he was the real deal?? Am I the only one who watches Regis and Kelly?? Figures...)

Second thing that made me laugh...

Final Jeopardy:
Jay: The answer is, e.coli.

George: What is, the cough drop that those guys with the big horns sell? Eeeee coliiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

(seriously, it really was funny, honest!)

America's Next Top Model premieres tomorrow night. Just a head's up, b/c I'm sure I will rant and rave about this show for the next however many weeks it is on. I love this show more than necessary, it's kind of embarrassing. I even decided during cycle 5 that I would totally become a lesbian for one of the girls on there. Her name was Kim, and she was so cute. I'm convinced if she and the lead singer of The Killers had babies, they would be the most beautiful children on the PLANET. Cuter than mine, and that's saying something, LOL. I will find a picture of her and post it as soon as the DSL is fixed, I don't feel like waiting a thousand years for it to load.

This is really stupid, but it strikes me as funny...as I'm typing this on beta, there is a little line of text at the bottom of the box that says Labels For This Post(in beta you can categorize your posts into subjects.) The examples are "scooters, vacation, fall". What a random assortment of subjects. I think it's the scooter one that gets me. Who has a whole bunch of posts about scooters? So many that you need to label your post as a scooter post, so that it goes together with all of your other scooter posts??

Obviously I am tired and loopy. I'd better stop now before I embarrass myself.