Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Random thoughts for this afternoon

--Since beginning this blog, I have become much more mellow. After having my kids I became a little highstrung, a little uptight...Basically my entire personality did a 180. But now that I've started writing a bunch of nonsense each day, I probably only stress out about 4 times a day, instead of my normal 7 or 8. So that's progress.

--When I was logging in today, on the little "recently updated blogs" section, there was one called Fritolosophy. I didn't click on it, instead I allowed my mind to wander. What could possibly be on that page? The Philosophy of Fritos, doesn't that sound wonderful? Life lessons with a crunch and a salty aftertaste. Phenomenal!

--I just read on MSN that it was Talk Like a Pirate Day. Wow, we'll make a holdiay out of any damn thing anymore, won't we?

--The weather is changing! Fall-like, crisp, beautiful. There's a certain smell in the air, and I love it. Soon the maples will be aflame with color...and then they'll dump their leaves all over my yard, and I'll have to rake. Enjoy the beauty while it lasts.

--I took X through the Halloween section at WalMart over the weekend. How fun! I love all that spooky, ooky stuff. I found the cutest little penguin costume, I was trying to convince X he wanted it. He is still saying he wants to be a robot, but that means I have to concoct something out of tinfoil and cardboard boxes.

--The guy who plays Shawn Brady on Days of Our Lives is leaving the show this week. I won't bore you with how much this saddens me. I hate actor switches.