Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fozzy is missing.

My poor Little Cat. Big Cat is crying and searching for him. The last time I saw him was this morning around 9. C's mother dropped him off, and as she was leaving Foz tried to run out and she caught him and put him back in. DH isn't sure if he went outside when he left or not. Why has he suddenly decided to go outside anyway? He used to be scared to even go near it, let alone put his feet on the porch. If he isn't home in the morning I am calling the animal shelter and going to our neighbor's to see if they've found him. I'm sick over this, my fuzzy baby. I looked in every cabinet and closet, Fozzy is not there.
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--Also, I'm feeling terribly sad for Anna Nicole Smith. How terrible to lose your son at the same time you're supposed to be happy about giving birth to another child. How do you deal with that? As if she wasn't crazy enough, this ought to really send her over the edge. Wishing her the best.

--And, congrats to Britney Spears on her new baby, another boy. Now tie your tubes or stay away from that skeezy husband of yours, ick.

--I realize I have not commented on the finals of the US Open, I'm just not ready, ok? It was traumatizing (lol).

--Dancing with the stars was on tonight, hooray! Everyone did pretty well. Did anyone else think Louis was getting a little too friendly with the underage Disney actress? Creeped me out a little. Jerry Springer's routine was hilarious, and I think Tucker Carlson is going home. When I told DH that Tucker was on there, he was like, "who?" I said, "Tucker Carlson, the journalist, the one with the bow tie?" DH says, "The one with the fluffy hair?" and I answered yes. Then he apparently keeps talking, describing who he thinks I'm talking about. I didn't hear what he said, then he comes in the room and says, "That's not the old movie critic guy with the glasses and the fro-ey hair!" Me:"What, Gene Shalit?!!? No, it's not Gene Shalit you freak, TUCKER CARLSON!" Apparently something was lost in translation. Speaking of which, I really want to see that movie...