Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fozzy Watch 2006, Day 2

Still no Fozzy. I talked with two people on the street this morning. The lady across the street said she saw him yesterday, and he was at the house behind her. So I went over to THAT house. It's an older gentleman who has about 50 cats of his own. He said Fozzy was there all day yesterday, and the last he saw him was at 10pm. He gave him a blanket to lay on, and some food, but he wouldn't eat. He said he could tell Foz wasn't used to being outside. Why didn't he come home?? I have constant knots in my stomach. I called the animal shelter and left a description, DH called the radio station and placed a lost pet ad, we walked up and down the street tonight asking everyone we saw...So frustrating. I just want my cat back!
I totally broke down today. I was putting boxes of the kids' clothes up in the closet, and an ancient lava lamp fell on me. The globe part. If you've ever had one you know they are HEAVY. It landed right on the top of my foot, right on the bone. I couldn't stand on it for over an hour, I was so afraid it was broken. I sat down in the floor and was crying like a child, and X came over and put his arms around me and said, "What's wrong, mommy?" I said, "I hurt my foot and I want Fozzy ba-aa-ack!" (It was hardcore crying). He rubs my shoulder and says, "It's ok Mommy. Fozzy will come home soon, I promise. It will be ooooo-kay!"
How sweet is he?? I hated losing it in front of the boys, Leyton was traumatized and was fussy the whole rest of the day.

--Watched the Rock Star finale tonight, what a let down! I was so sure Dilana would win, and I hated Lukas the whole time, arg! But that's ok, my streak of always picking the second place person in every single reality show continues. Too bad there is no prize for never picking the winner (except last year's America's Next Top Model, I got that right).

--Finally back into Days and Passions now that tennis is over. Will have some thoughts on that up soon, probably Friday.

--Thanks to everyone for the "hope you find your cat" messages, I appreciate it so much! If he doesn't come home tomorrow I will put an ad in the paper.

--I just read that a woman whose child was kidnapped in Florida killed herself after being interrogated by Nancy Grace on her show. I hope Nancy Grace is proud of herself, the mother could have held the keys to the whole case. I wonder if the family will sue Grace, like that one family sued talk show host Jenny Jones a few years ago?