Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Things I have learned today...

--The mailman who delivers our mail here at work is gay. Like, super gay. He invited me to a party next weekend. I told him about Mr. UPS. He said,"OOh, I know which one he is, go for it honey". LOL. Gaymail and I have plans for lunch next week.

--My boss had a healthy baby boy!!! They called me 20 minutes after he was born. He's their 3rd boy.

--Really hot guys come and go from the pawn shop two doors down, not just scary redneck freaks. Too bad I still think they are all drug addicts.

--Really hot college guys come and go from the bookstore across the street. Hey baby, pop in over here sometime!

--The photographer across the street takes mood stabilizers. (Apparently all of little business people here on the square are very open and honest about our issues.)

--Pink Shoes, the gay guy next door at the beauty school, has the hots for Gaymail. Hm...should I do something about this?

--Single men from NYC and the surrounding areas are much hotter than the ones here, overall.

And finally....
I have learned that my life is way more fabulous and exciting post-divorce. I have come back out of my shell and have re-learned to interact with others. Go me!