Friday, September 07, 2007

Where are the video cameras and who is in charge of this joke???

C showed up at my house last night at 10:30. I haven't heard from him in days and days, after he had his little freak out about our relationship not being low-key enough. He had been at a Chamber of Commerce thing and had been drinking. Apparently he's ready to hit the town and show the world I'm his woman. Umm...sorry baby, I have plans this weekend. I fully intend to see what brown can do for me (sorry, shameless UPS reference, lol).
These weird things have been happening a lot lately. I become involved with C, and R pops up after 5 years (at least he's safely in CA for now.) Now I'm all excited about UPS and C rears his (non)ugly head.
This is just some sort of cosmic test...either that or it's a real life Truman Show and people are watching in slack jawed amazement at the ridiculousness of the whole situation.
Even worse...the EX has decided that after a year of being a total asshole, he wants to be friends. He wanted me to go with him while he gets a new tattoo tonight. WTF? NO! I will not watch you make yourself a human coloring book. I'll be civil for the sake of the boys but we're not going to start hanging out. Bruce and Demi we are not.

As I was typing this, C walked into the store. Around lunch time my ex husband shows up, "just to talk". OMG, I am losing my mind. Why won't people just leave me alone to revel in my UPS man happiness??
I'm going out with L tomorrow, we're going to have a great time. And to all the other men darkening my aura,in the immortal words of Betty White (in the movie "Lake Placid"), "If I had a dick, this is when I'd tell you to suck it!"

Have a great weekend everyone. Date details Monday. WISH ME LUCK!!