Monday, September 10, 2007

Do things this amazing happen in real life? Do they?

Because I've only ever seen anything so wonderful occur in a chick flick.
L and I had the best time ever. Since he is the UPS man, and I've never seen him drive anything other than the big brown truck, or wear anything other than the uniform, I was very curious to see what would pull up in front of my house. I'm thinking, ok, he's 38, he's got kids, so maybe an extended cab truck or an SUV or something. So needless to say, the shiny red Trans Am was a little shocking. I don't generally go for cars like that, but this one was actually very pretty, and pulling up in front of a bar in a car like that gets a lot of stares, and it's a lot of fun. As for what he looked like, when he's working he's all tan and golden and he always wears his sunglasses (his nickname is Hollywood) and just has this "I'm amazingly hot" aura about him. Saturday he was slightly less intimidating. He was very casual, jeans, polo shirt, ball cap. Less of an "I'm amazingly hot" thing going on, more like, "All the girls go 'awww!' when they see me, b/c I'm so cute". He said he was really nervous b/c he'd been wanting to ask me out for months, but didn't know my situation or anything...He kept staring at me and saying he couldn't believe I'd actually agreed to go out with him (I'm beginning to think he'd been smoking crack at this point. Couldn't he see I was CLEARLY the one winning??). He was so polite and attentive and just every other positive adjective I can think of. We left the last bar around 2am and went to the all night diner for breakfast. At 3:30 we get back to my house. He doesn't want to leave, and I don't want him to, so we decide to watch Shaun of the Dead (he'd never seen it..."Oh my God. She is so drunk" cracks me up so much, I had to share that with him. We make it through that scene and I'm so tired I can barely move, so he carries me to bed and says he'll stay until I fall asleep. Well, I didn't sleep. He was very distracting. I was very proud of us. We had the best of intentions to keep the first date pure and innocent. But the road to hell (or heaven I suppose, however you look at it, lol) is paved with good intentions. Around 4:45am I was saying, "You can stop being a gentleman now". He listened. He. Is. Incredible. He made C seem like a clumsy high schooler. **Ladies, I am, completely and totally, all for dating older men. There's no going back for me now.** I had to be up at 7, so he just stayed and we got an hour or so of sleep before I had to kick him out.
It was just so fabulous. We just talked and laughed all night, and he made me feel like a princess.
He called last night and he told me he'd be in to see me today, regardless of whether or not he had boxes. He did bring me boxes today...and flowers. Pretty red roses. He put his arms around me and kissed me and we hear, "Oh my God, she's making out with the hot UPS guy!" We turn around and the girls from the beauty school were watching through the back door, lol. So now I'm getting about 50% "good for you!" cheers yelled in my direction and 50% dirty looks, LOL.
I'm happy, floating on cloud 9, can't stop smiling....See? This is how it's supposed to be. We're going out again this Saturday, so let's just hope next week's update is good too.