Saturday, August 04, 2007

What the hell is going on here???

Someone please explain this to me: Why is it, that when you finally find a man (or woman, as the case may be) suddenly about 50 other guys(not 50, but you know what I'm saying)you've been interested in begin to find YOU interesting?
First, there is my dear HJ. He knows about this new thing I have going with C, and he is less than thrilled. For someone who just wasn't sure if he could swing a long distance relationship, now he's changing his tune and thinking he could make the 5 hour drive every other weekend to see me. Am now contemplating visiting him next weekend and letting him take me out to I considered a slut for trying to get a free meal and break-up sex?? But is it really break-up sex if we never officially were a couple couple? The pro's to being with HJ are many. We connect on so many levels, he's like me in male form. If such a thing as a "soulmate" exists, he's probably mine. There is never any weirdness between us, even after discussing the C situation. He's basically one of the best friends I could imagine having. Plus, he's hot.
Secondly, there's C (of course!). I think he might actually be almost my boyfriend. Hmm...We haven't used the actual term, but I know he has no interest in anyone else, and I just have to get the HJ thing out of my system. I just casually think about him and get hot. Someone says the name and my heart does this little skippity number and my skin starts to flush, I have trouble breathing, etc...Maybe he is bad for my health?? Maybe it's not lust/love, instead I have an unknown heart condition. LOL.
Third, Elementary School Teacher Guy. He's this very nice, attractive man who comes in to buy supplies. He teaches lower elementary grades at a school about half an hour away. He's sweet and polite, very good looking (has a little Latino flava going on, very nice)....Now he asks me out. Now?? If only he'd caught me in early May before C entered the picture.
Finally, and here we tread upon dangerous ground, is A. A is 18. He goes to my church and I just thought we were friendly, you know? We'd hang out sometimes with the "young" church people (all of us under 35 are a big group of friends) and every now and again just the two of us. I'm always having to keep my Wednesday night girls away from him, b/c he's very distracting (by that I mean, they're pre-teens, and he's an 18 year old, 6' tall athlete.) I have recently noticed an increase in the amount of time we spend with one another. I didn't think anything of it really, until the last week or two...Now he plays with my kids a lot, and has taken over mowing my lawn (my friend S's husband used to do it.) He is always around. I don't even know how to deal with this, so I think I'll just ignore it and pretend that every time I glance his way, I don't really catch him staring at me.

So what is the deal? For months there is literally nothing (seriously, nothing) happening on the romantic radar, and suddenly I'm drowning in attractive guys who, for some unexplained reason, find me appealing. What to do, what to do?
Where is Chuck Woolery when I need him???