Friday, August 03, 2007

Is kicking someone in the face a fireable offense??

It is back to school time. That means we are super busy and the store is crowded all freaking day. There was a very rude woman in here today while I was taking a phone order from someone. She stood at the counter huffing and puffing and rolling her eyes. She kept saying in a whispered hush to her daughter, "She is so slow. We have to be somewhere." After I was finished on the phone I turned to her, began to ring up her purchases and said I was sorry, but what happened was no different than if someone had been standing in line ahead of her, and if she was in such a rush, she should work on her time management skills. Ironically, she had bought a chartlet about time management to put on her classroom wall. I politely did not point that out.


Ok, that was yesterday. I feel like bitching a little about work today too, so I'll just add it on. Right now there is someone in the store who smells overwhelmingly like self-tanner. You know, that weird toosweet raisiny smell that self-tanners have? It's almost making me gag. Something else very annoying: We sell these huge floor puzzles. We have some out on display. They are on the floor and encased in these big hard plastic puzzle covers. They are placed in the rows in front of the shelves where they're sold (obviously.). Every day someone will ask me if it's ok if they step on it. No, no, we are playing a really cruel joke on everyone by putting un-step-on-able things on the ground so you can't get to the things you see on the shelves. You see, it's just good business to prevent the customers from being able to reach the product. Alas, stupidity prevails.