Monday, July 23, 2007

A horse with no name...

Saw the best thing ever yesterday while driving to my grandfather's for lunch with the family. A guy in a cowboy hat riding a horse through one of the busiest areas of town....talking on a cell phone. Is this his way of getting around the no-phone-use-while-driving law(which no one abides by anyway.)???

Pet peeve of the moment...current musical artists who think of themselves as punk rock who are anything but. Would a real punk guy ever be associated with a Disney channel princess or Lionel Richie's daughter? Would a real punk chick ever sing a song along the lines of Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend"? In fact, would she sing ANY of Avril Lavigne's songs? Probably not. A.L does get points in the plus category for spitting on photograpers earlier in the year though.
As much as it pains me to rip on Joel Madden for his choices in female companionship (I do love me some Good Charlotte), it is really very, very hard to take him seriously.

Excuse the scream...having to add on a little here.
Radio Ad Selling Guy (who I have yet to mention on this blog) was just here. Specifically to see me. Radio Ad Selling Guy came in about two months ago to sell us adspace (no! really?) and since our initial encounter he pops up every two weeks or so to see me. I mean, to buy stuff for his kids. Saw him drive by this morning as i was dropping the kids at daycare. He said he thought he saw me and nearly wrecked looking around to see if it was me. Came into the store to see what I was wearing (in a strictly non-creepy sense, of course) to make sure it was me. Have plans to meet tomorrow morning, same time same place. He has the bluest eyes you have ever seen in your life. Feeling happy, crazy, infatuated and slightly dizzy at the thought/sight of him. I would most definitely love to be seen in public with him. Oh yes. I'd flaunt him all over freakin' creation. God. I am hormonal. And it's only the half moon. Lord knows what'll happen when it's full! Perhaps I should just hang a sign 'round my neck reading, "Open for business. Come on in."