Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Radio Ad Selling Guy (from now on I will refer to him as C, much easier.) came into the store yesterday to see me. We were just standing there talking and the next thing I know, he grabs me, pulls me to him and starts kissing me. I nearly died right there in the floor. I started laughing and asked, "What are you doing?" He said,"I'm kissing you." Yes, obviously, but I was in shock, ok? I had imagined this happening a million times but for it to be reality was nearly too much. There were no customers, so we made out like teenagers in the office for about an hour.
How bizarre...for one thing, he is a man. Like a real, grown up MAN. I've dated guys older than me before (when I was 19 I dated a 32 year old), but he was just a guy. GUYS are different than MEN. He is so fucking beautiful. He's tan and tall and has shiny wavy hair and drives a shiny car(which slightly unnerves me...I wouldn't call him flashy, but it's close.) He's absolutely the opposite of anyone I've ever been with before. Absolutely the opposite of anyone I've been attracted to before. But I am so crazy about this man, you have no idea. He's dazzling, he's intoxicating....He owns his own home and has a full time job. A person who handles responsibility well is so attractive.
He's divorced with two little girls, ages 8 and 10. He has them full time, which I admire...although it makes me doubt the mother a bit. I don't want my kids out of my sight for even half a second let alone to give up custody. She apparently left town after he asked for the divorce. Let's hope she's not lying in a freezer somewhere, and I run into her while putting away leftovers...
On a different note, I had the boys' birthday party on Saturday. They got so many gifts it was ridiculous. Next year I think I will put "we want your presence not your presents" on the invites. Lord.