Saturday, March 31, 2007


So I thought I didn't have anything to post about today, but I just walked back and saw a open tupperware thing full of spaghetti o's covered in mold sitting on the owner's desk. Ew. As if spaghetti o's weren't bad enough, why did they have to be covered in green furry mold?? I work at a lovely little store called, "The Teacher Store and More" . My job consists of checking out purchases, sweeping, keeping the shelves arranged, taking special orders, filing catalogs...I run the store alone on Saturdays, and they can be dreary. One day I had 5 customers in 6 hours. So my job also includes a lot of sitting and doing nothing. That's how I justify my internet time, b/c at least I'm being entertained, right? And if I have to deal with moldy, gelatinous food products, I deserve to stare into the hazy glow of a computer monitor.