Friday, August 04, 2006

Throughout the day I think of a million things to say, but when I sit down to type...


It all goes right out the window! Here are some randoms for the day.

--I am getting better at html. I found a tutorial that I'm liking a lot. I'm thinking of finding setting up a website somewhere to practice what I'm learning. I hope to learn how to make blog templates soon.

--Hillary Clinton said in a speech that Donald Rumsfeld should resign. I am hoping against hope that she wins the democratic nod for the presidency in '08, and not a war supporting dem like Lieberman.

--I think George W. should look at what he's doing. Just step back and be objective. His stand on this Iraq/Middle East junk is really causing problems for his administration. How many people have resigned or been let go during his two terms? IMO, that speaks volumes.

--I'm anxious for Gilmore Girls season 6 to be released on dvd.

--My children are sweet and cuddly, and I'd be lost without them.