Thursday, August 03, 2006

I feel soooo old

...and worn down, and just plain old tired. DH is working two jobs so that I am able to stay home with the boys, but it's wearing on me more than him I think. Blah. Anyway, here's what's on my mind today.

--I'm currently reading "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire, and I'm loving it. What a great, fascinating book. I had all of L.Frank Baum's Oz series when I was younger, and it's fun to see how this takes elements from those and spins it into a prequel, telling about Elphaba's life. I'm afraid to see what makes her go bad, I am enjoying her character very much.

--I've missed Days almost every day this week, and I'm disappointed. Probably won't post my own thoughts this week because of that. Although I will say today, that I'm very mad at Austin and Carrie.

--X will turn 3 on Tuesday. I can't believe it! His party is the 12th and I'm DREADING it, and wondering why I decided to invite his friends, and not just family like usual. There could be upwards of 40 people there. Oi vay!

--For the party, I have decided that I will make the cake myself, and try to decorate in an outer space type theme. His overall party theme is Jimmy Neutron, which is discontinued. I don't like the cake decorations for it, which you can find on ebay, so I'm going at it on my own. Send prayers.

--Upcoming fun on this blog...I plan to take on Scientology. What a hoot that should be. Tommy can you hear me?

Editing to add some things...
First, I added a new cursor and new links. So I have managed to figure out how to link text, but not pictures. I hope to figure that out and soon you will be able to click on the images in my link section and actually GO to the site, lol.

Secondly, yea for me for figuring out how to even put a picture there by using html. Yippee!!