Friday, August 04, 2006

Short Days of Our Lives Update...


In case anyone wonders why my posts have little x's at the beginning, it's because the little cursor mania thing covers up the first few lines of my posts, and it annoys me.

So I didn't get to watch a lot of Days this week, but here's what I think of what I did see. Austin and Carrie are bad, bad, bad. I now feel that Sami has no reason to tell her secret, Austin screwed up too!! Chelsea is still a bratty little bitch, but I'm also creeped out by Stephanie having a crush on Max. She knows he is her cousin (yeah, yeah, only by adoption), and at least Chelsea didn't at first. Told you the thoughts this week would be sparse!!

Passions -- I cannot wait until Jared finds out Theresa is in charge of the entire Crane empire. Also curious to see why he is so anti-Crane. Another interesting storyline is Kay getting her memory back. I'm betting Endora turns back time to fix Fox being cursed by Siren.

Next update will probably be Monday. I will then put into effect the "of the week" stuff. I will post the blinkie of the week, as well as my take on Scientology, and we'll see what else!!