Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Once upon a soapbox...

Tonight my rant is about people who have children simply as fashion accessories. I have a friend who is constantly talking about how high maintainance her child is, how needy, how poorly behaved. Ahem...she's a THREE year old, what do you expect? This friend gets upset b/c taking care of her child takes away from her time on the computer, her time alone, etc...Well boo freakin' hoo. I don't feel sorry for this woman, I feel sorry for her poor child. I have been to their house, and this poor little girl is so timid, she's afraid to ask her mom for things. She will actually go up to her mom and say, "Mommy, I'm sorry to bother you but can I [fill in the blank]?? On the subject of potty training she says, "Can't I just hire someone else to do it?"
However, when they go out somewhere together she coordinates their outfits and acts like the mother of the year. It's sickening. She and her husband fight about it all the time. He has even suggested that after they have another (My DH and I gasp at the thought) that he stay home with the kids so they are actually treated like children.
I hate sounding self righteous, but there are just some things you have to accept with motherhood. Both of my kids were surprises. Both were conceived while on birth control (X while on the pill, L while on the depo shot), so we were shocked. But my life changed, ,my mindset changed, I changed. You have to put your selfishness aside and take into consideration that you are now responsible not only for yourself but for another human life. A human life that you created, that IS a part of you. Why wouldn't you want to take the best care of that little person? Some people say that where my kids are concerned I take the selfless thing too far, and maybe I do, but to me that is what being a mom is all about. Sacrifice. I'll have time to rediscover myself when they're older and less dependant.
I don't hold anything against moms who are better able to balance self vs. kids, but I do have something against moms who act like their kids are just an inconvenience, a cramp in their style. I'm not perfect, no one is. I strive to be Lorelai Gilmore and end up more like Kitty Foreman, but my kids are happy, healthy and loved. What more can you ask for?