Friday, August 11, 2006

Preparing for a 3 year old's party...Yes, I am STILL talking about that

I just spent an insane amount of money on stuff for this party. I should be making treat bags and stuff, but instead I am blog hopping and listening to my little Xman tell me to click the orange publish button. "you've got to, mom, you've just got to click the orange button". Personally, I'm just thrilled to bits that he knows his colors.
On the plus side...I have the cake and cupcakes baked, will decorate tomorrow. I bought pre-rolled fondant and star shaped fondant cutters to decorate the cake in a spacey theme befitting Jimmy Neutron. Also have a little plastic Jimmy to stick on top of the cake. I'm still lamenting over the fact he chose a discontinued party theme, but again, thank you ebay for party supplies. So tomorrow I will make a recipe actually called, "grocery store frosting" and frost the cake. I just realized I no longer have a frosting spatula, I let X use it to dig in the yard. Oops. My reasoning behind giving it to him? When will I ever make an elaborate cake that needs to be frosted that smoothly?? Ahem. Eating my words. I'll use a butter knife and pray. Only two kids have RSVPed...I know several more are coming. If anyone out there is a parent with kids who get invited to parties, please, PLEASE RSVP. I have no idea how many treat bags to make, and bought several extra items. I am intelligently saving reciepts and not opening everything, but gee golly gosh it'd be nice to know HOW MANY FREAKING KIDS are going to show up tomorrow afternoon. Calming vibes requested. Ending here for the night...