Monday, August 14, 2006

Cruise, Travola, Spielberg and Remini

They have been taken in. Have you?

You know, at first I was just going to make fun of Scientology,but after actually researching it, there's just way too much to make fun of. I'd like to be INFORMED on the subject I plan to mock...which I have learned makes it not so much fun. So forgive me please, but the below two posts will probably be then end of it. I had planned a funny post, and ended up RESEARCHING, which is really not what I want to be doing.

So here's the final word(s) on the matter:

--If you believe you can find your inner peace or reclaim your life by holding onto a couple of tin cans attached to a string, Scientology is for you!
--If you think psychiatry and psychiatrists are evil, but still want to follow the teachings of a book that started out as self-help...and is on the shelf near psychology books in Barnes and Noble, Scientology is for you!
--If you believe that 75 million years ago, some cracked out alien warrior caused the world to go to hell, but think those Hale-Bop comet guys in their shrouds and nikes were nuts, Scientology is for you!
--If you thought that John Travolta movie where he wore a lot of green alien make-up was totally awesome...well, you have bad taste in movies. But, it also means that: Scientology is for you!!