Friday, August 11, 2006


See post below regarding source credits, noted by numbers (1) and (2).

Wow. Learning about Scientology is probably one of the most entertaining things I've ever done. I currently have tears in my eyes from reading about Xenu(2), who is an alien leader who brought people to Earth in a rocket, put them in volcanoes and blew them up...their spirits then stuck to regular Earth people and started to cause trouble, wreak havoc, etc...This story is apparently taught only to high level Scientologists who have already dished out a lot of cash for the cause.What kind of crack are these people smoking? How does anyone leave one of the high level seminars after hearing this ridiculous story and STILL BE CONVINCED that this junk is the real deal??? L. Ron Hubbard wrote SCIFI. He even started a script about this Xenu guy. First of all, if this is really what happened on Earth (75 million years ago, no less) how did ol' L.Ron find out about it?? He apparently researched and mapped out where all this happened,at a great physical cost to himself. Oh puh-leeze. This story is an actual part of their "scripture". Is taught as fact, I guess. Everyone point and laugh.
Here is the direct link to the Xenu information. Seeing is believing.
More to follow as the days go by...