Thursday, August 17, 2006


What is the deal with my addiction to E! and VH1? I just found myself watching the first hour of E! True Hollywood Story: Full House. No, I am not joking. HOw do these channels make shows like this appealing? I think I could watch Behind the Music: Microphone maintainance, or E True Hollywood Story: Pet Rocks, and be enthralled. I'm just as bad about the I Love The [insert decade] series. I should be a comentator on those shows, it would be the perfect job for me. How does a person get hired to do that? Let me know and sign me up, brother!
I read a little "news" story today about a dentist who made gold caps for his cat's teeth. The poor cat looked so disgruntled...I believe the headline was, "Cat gets blinged out grill" or some such. The guy said he did it for "fun" and to "strengthen his cat's teeth". Yeah, right. He did it to get his own news blurb on! Speaking of looking for publicity, I also watch Made on Mtv (yeah, yeah, I know!) and there always seems to be a moment on that show when the geeky kid being made into whatever approaches his/her crush. The crush then usually says yes to the date, or whatever is being asked of him/her. I always swear they only say yes to be on tv. And then I feel bad, b/c why is the Made person not realizing that? Crush-person has never spoken to them before, and suddenly they're wanting to go out with Made-person? Get a clue! The fall lineup really needs to start so I can watch a show with America's Next Top Model (yes, I said this to be funny, but actually love that show). In reality, I can't wait for Las Vegas, Surface, Gilmore Girls and the Amazing Race, as well as a few new shows I've been seeing promos for.
I have only seen two episodes of Days and Passions this week, once again I've been distracted by tennis. I'm not sure too much is happening right now anyway. It's amazing how long I have been watching this show...since before birth. My mom watched, every babysitter I have ever had watched's my destiny, lol.
Would it hurt my cats to give them a tic tac? My little boy cat Fozzy could really use one. Just wondering...