Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm freaking out a little...

Over the last three weeks I have been feeling funny...sick to my stomach, crampy, eating like a pig, face broken out...Everywhere I look I am reading things about people being pregnant, people being afraid of getting pregnant. Perhaps I just have one heck of a case of couvade. I have felt like this exactly twice in my life. 9 months later I got a baby boy out of the deal.
What are the odds? This would be the THIRD time I've gotten pregnant on birth control. First the pill, then the depo shot, this time I have a IUD. I would have to be some kind of medical anomaly. AF is due this weekend, please God let it come!! I told DH if I am, the day I'm released from the hospital, he can go get snipped and clipped before we head home. Everyone hope that I am only picking up on other people's paranoia.

Anyway, on a different note...
I was sad to see Zayra go on Rock Star tonight. I'm ready for Patrice to go home. She's like a poor man's Alanis Morrisette or something. The voice, the look...every week I am surprised no one calls her out on it. She is bo-ring. Dilana was awesome as usual, very cool that she was chosen to sing the first Supernova song...but I didn't really like the song.The guys keep going on about how some of the people aren't being rock and roll enough, then they play a song that sounds pretty pop to me.

Hooray on the arrest in the JonBenet Ramsey case. It's about time, but if the guy was in Thailand, it's no wonder it took so long. I guess we can be thankful he is now in custody, and didn't get swept away in the tsunami...but who knows if he was even there then. What I heard on the news was that his DNA matched what they found on JB's body, and that he knows details of the case previously unreleased to the media. It's just sad that Patsy had to die before justice was served.

I also have to add that Roger Federer was beaten today, wahoo! I really do enjoy watching him play, but it is getting old watching him win EVERY FREAKING MATCH he is in, unless he's playing my Rafa. So today's gold star goes to Andy Murray and coach Brad Gilbert. I'd like to see Andy M work his way into the top 10 by the end of the year. He's having a great summer. Andy Roddick made it through today also, thank goodness. He needs a good run. Perhaps we'll have a battle of the Andy's again. I think Murray leads in games between them though.

Winner in the gossip of the day category goes to Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson. Are they or aren't they? I was kind of rooting for Kate and Chris Robinson to go the distance.

Loser of the day is Justin Timberlake...who is he not taking shots at recently? He has so far insulted Kanye West, Taylor Hicks and Britney (but who hasn't, really?). He made a comment that he hopes Taylor Hicks doesn't have any skeletons in his closet, "God forbid he end up gay, and all those ppl in Mississippi that voted for him say, 'oh no, we voted for a queer'". Ahem, watch out there Juju. Aren't you supposed to be friends with Lance and support him? He might not like what that statement insinuates...being that Lance is from Mississippi. He has also recently said that he partakes in hardcore drugs on occasion. I think his publicist needs to keep this boy on a shorter leash.

Hopefully the week will get more interesting, I've been a dullard lately.