Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yesterday I watched my favorite Elvis movie...

which is Girl Happy. DH made fun of me, but I said, "Hey, you've got to honor the king this week, you just have to." He said, "then watch a rerun of Las Vegas". Once when he was a kid his mom took him to Graceland, and they took a tour of the Lisa Marie (it's an airplane), and around the doorway they have this thing called an Elvis fan goes off every so often, the claim is it goes off when a true Elvis fan walks through. It went off when he went through it, and his mom was so mad she didn't talk to him for an hour. She was mad b/c it didn't go off when she walked through. Now you know what I have for an MIL. My best friend from high school and I went to Graceland the first spring break of our freshman year in college. It was pretty fun. The house really isn't all that impressive, in fact it's pretty small and delightfully tacky, but the ambiance is amazing. And then you go into the rooms with all of his awards and costumes, movie posters, etc...It will take your breath away. You just stand there looking around in awe.

The Yankees and Red Sox are starting another 5 game series soon. I realized that this blog has sports in the title, and pretty much all I've been talking about is tennis...I just haven't got to watch a lot of baseball this summer, I'm out of the loop. Derek Jeter is getting his own mens toiletry line with Avon. It all starts with his new fragrance, Driven. Go ahead, feel free to giggle. I did, and I'm a big DJ fan.