Friday, August 18, 2006

I survived grocery shopping

And I'll have you know, I didn't roll my eyes at anyone, creepy or otherwise. I had my eye on the prize, totally focused and out of there in less than an hour.
I got our big cat, Gwen, a collar, because she's been going outside lately. Our last two cats were kidnapped when we started letting them outside. Our neighbors stole them when they moved...they even left a note in our mailbox, "Hey we took your cats, our daughter liked playing with them". No, I am not kidding. So even though a collar won't keep her from getting kidnapped, it at least lets ppl know she has a home. I need to go pick up her name/address tag next week. She is HATING her collar, and it's hilarious. It has a little bird-scaring bell on it, and it's scaring HER. When she walks and it jingles she freaks out and turns around like something is following her. It was worth the money just for the entertainment value. Fozzy is still too small for a collar, but his day is coming....I think I will post pics of them soon. I have some old ones, but Foz is teeny tiny in them.

I have been thinking a lot lately about stem cell research. Our state has a bill on the November ballot on the subject, and I keep getting negative propaganda in the mail. It makes me so mad! Warning, about to launch into a rant on a controversial subject.
First of all, let me say right off that I am pro-choice. Now, when I say I am pro-choice, I mean I support the right of a woman to have an abortion, but I don't condone using it as a form of birth control. I say this b/c it ties in to a lot of debates on stem cells. As far as stem cell research in and of itself goes, I have a hard time with anyone thinking it's wrong. Why is it wrong to try and cure horrible diseases? The loss of one is more important than the loss of many? Tell that to our soldiers and all of the hostages in the Middle East...sorry, I digress. Anyway, in the case of embryonic cells used in SC research I see it like this. Isn't it better that some good come out of an abortion or unused embryos than them just being tossed in the trash? People keep using the argument, "Well maybe that baby would grow up to cure cancer". Well, maybe that embryo was meant to be used in stem cell research to CURE CANCER. If a woman is going to have an abortion anyway, why not turn it into as much of a positive as possible? If a woman pursuing fertility treatments is finished having children, but still has embryos in cryogenic storage that will just be thrown out, why not use them for something good? Our governor is young and has just had a child. He has a new anti-SCR ad out that says something like, "value the life of an innocent fetus..." and he and his wife are sitting there holding their new son. Now, what if that little boy is suddenly diagnosed with a disease that could be cured using SCR? What then? You'd better believe if the technology was available he'd be all over it, anything to save his son. So why not save the millions of others out there who are sick NOW, who will get sick in the future?
This rant kind of came out of nowhere, but I have been thinking about it so much lately, I had to get it out somewhere. My DH is tired of hearing about it, LOL.