Friday, August 18, 2006

Fly your freak flag, it's Friday

You Are 28% Paranoid Schizophrenic

You're pretty grounded, though you have your occasional paranoid moments.
Just make sure to ignore those voices in your head!
Are You A Paranoid Schizophrenic?

--Bad mother moment of the day so far (12:52pm): I lied to my three year old. I ate a bowl of ice cream, the last we had, while he was in the bedroom playing. He came out before i'd taken it to the dishwasher. "What's that, ice cream?", he asks. "It's an old bowl from the other day...I found it under the couch and forgot to take it to the kitchen." What a bad lie, what a bad mommy...but it saved him asking for any ice cream.

--So what is all this tennis I've been watching? It's the Western and Southern Financial Group Masters series event in Cincinatti. Just in case anyone was wondering. It is part of the summer hardcourt season, called the US Open series, which is a North American "road trip". The actual US Open in New York starts a week from Monday.

--From now on I will do a new music Monday thing, and change out the songs in my sidebar. If you are having trouble getting them to play, you have to click the actual "play" arrow on the left, not the whole thing. At least that's how it works for me. I sat there forever the first night I posted them trying to get the darn things to work.

--We have been out of trash bags for two days, and instead of going to the store to get more, we have just been using Walmart bags. This is sad for two reasons: I refuse to go to WM two nights in one week, and also because we actually have enough bags in the house to use for this purpose. Because obviously it takes several wal mart bags to equal a trash bag. But when you live in a town this size, your options are limited. We have two regular grocery stores in town, but their prices are consistently 10cents (at least) higher on nearly every item. When you're shopping for a family of four on a VERY limited budget, you've gotta do what you've gotta that means Wally World.

--More interesting post tonight...I hope. Maybe something fun will happen on my weekly pilgrimage to Wal Mart.