Saturday, September 02, 2006

Scratch that

The last post that is. Who wants to run away to a foreign country with some Spanish heart throb when I have a man who brings me home the 4th season of Gilmore Girls on dvd (great, GREAT season!) and a bag of Krunchers (quite possibly the best chips ever on earth). I like presents, especially if they're for no apparent reason.

I've been catching a lot more movies lately, cable seems to be playing a lot of good ones, and we've rented a few. Here are some I've viewed recently.

--Jersey Girl, the Kevin Smith one. I really liked this. I normally hate Ben Affleck (which can be a conflict of interests since I LOVE Kevin Smith and for some reason he feels the need to include B.A. more than necessary). Have you noticed he CRIES in nearly every movie he is in? At least in this movie the crying is warranted. Also, the little girl who plays his daughter is precious. And it's nice to see George Carlin being funny, but almost serious at the same time.

--When a Stranger Calls, the new remake. It's actually not bad. It's pretty intense in it's simplicity. The actress is decent for being an unknown. They could have done a little more storyline wise, but it was good for a thrill.

--Win a Date With Tad Hamilton . I love Topher Grace as Eric Forman...which is good b/c he basically plays Eric Foreman in every movie, lol. I also love Josh Duhamel, so it was a win win. Pretty run of the mill movie, but worth it for the girl who plays T.G. and Kate Bosworth's best friend. Also, Nathan Lane and Sean Hayes are fun. Cute movie, but nothing too special. Every girl's fantasy comes to life, basically.

--Mona Lisa Smile. Kind of a girl version of The Dead Poet's Society except not as good and no one dies. You want to stab Kirsten Dunst's character throughout most of it, but she is redeemed in the end. Of course she is.

Tonight DH and I watched the fall preview show for CBS. I'm really interested in the shows Jericho and The Class. Jericho is about a small town in Kansas that is the only town left after a series of explosions destroy the U.S. At least that's what I've gathered. Skeet Ulrich is in it, and he is a great actor. I'm thinking maybe it will end up being kind of like The Stand. The Class is about a guy who wants to propose to his fiancee, and he invites their whole 3rd grade class to a party...she says no and hilarity ensues I guess. It looks way more interesting than my crappy description, lol.
Hope everyone is having a good night!!