Saturday, September 02, 2006

I have discovered the best tv show ever.

Well, maybe not EVER, but last night it seemed pretty cool. It's called Cover Shot, and it's on TLC. Frederique Van Der Wal hosts it, and they take a woman who's feeling bad about herself, or just experienced some kind of turning point and give her a photo shoot with Richard Dean. Full hair, makeup and wardrobe. And then the woman gets to choose what kind of photo she wants to have taken. The first woman last night chose old Hollywood, the second a Medieval theme. Then her best shot gets made into a giant billboard and put up in Times Square. This show just plays into my desire to be a supermodel...I am obsessed with going on America's Next Top Model, but I still have 10 pounds to lose before I'd even feel worthy to compete, bleh. Anyway, I know exactly what kind of photo I'd want taken. It would be one of those "evil twin" type shots where they take two pictures and blend them, where it looks like two people are posing next to each other. In half I'd be the quintessential 50s housewife. Pearls, the dress, you know, very Donna Reed. In the other I'd be totally punked out with crazy hair, clothes, makeup. In reality I'm stuck somewhere between the two. I can't figure out how to find a balance between my before kids life and my life now. I have fantasies of just leaving my house, hopping a flight to a foreign country and running away with the first hot guy I see, lol, but then I feel guilty...I'd never do that, but some days I just need an escape. I think I am stuck in a major, major rut.
Orhan, do you still think taking up smoking is the best bet for me? I haven't smoked in so long, it is not like riding a bike. You can't just jump back on. First you choke on the smoke and nearly puke. Get drunk first, THEN inhale. It works much better. I recommend tequila as the cigarette precursor. And are the Trailer Park Boys like the American shows Jackass or Wild Boys? If so, I'm rolling my eyes at you and saying, "Men! Why can't they watch something worthwhile like America's Next Top Model and Oprah?" LOL, LOL, LOL!!