Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My child's future profession is WHAT?

X was helping me in the kitchen tonight while I was starting dinner, which he loves to do. I was making chicken alfredo, and had a box of pasta, a jar of sauce and a can of mushrooms on the counter in front of him. I was putting the water on to boil and I hear him saying, "Step right up folks, find the pretty lady...where is the pretty lady?" I look over and he is switching the box, jar, and can around on the counter. I said, "X, what are you doing?" His reply? "I'm just playing three card monty, mom." What?? This isn't a NYC subway station, it's a kitchen for crying out loud. He is 3 years old, how does he even know what three card monty is??

Other things he's told me in the last week:
"Mom, did you know that Mya, Kiah, and Lorren are brown skinned? They're not just tan, their daddy is African American. Not their mom though, she's a blonde."

"Mom, count to ten and chill out. You need to calm down!"

"I love you Mommy. When I'm being good, you're really nice. When I'm being bad, you talk too loud and make me go to my room. That is not nice behavior so stop it!"

He is 3 going on 30.

Tonight I watched the first hour of Singing With Celbrities, or Celebrity Duets, something like that anyway, on FOX. What a show! I was equal parts horrified and fascinated. Alfonso Ribiero(sp?) from Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Silver Spoons is on there, he's so great! He didn't do the Carlton dance, but Wayne Brady did, which is almost as good.
Hey, don't forget to play my trivia game!