Friday, September 01, 2006

covered in stickers from head to toe

Literally. That is how I woke up this morning. X woke up before the rest of us this morning, and went into the living room. He used his little table to climb up to the highest shelf of the entertainment center, found a sheet of Easter stickers and came into our bedroom. He stuck the stickers all over me. In my hair, down my back, down my legs and on my feet. I kept finding them stuck in my hair while I was in the shower. When I was taking care of the cats this morning, Fozzy rubbed up against my ankles...he felt scratchy...he was covered in stickers. Have you ever pulled a bunch of stickers out of a cat's hair? They don't like it.

It's Friday, so that means grocery night. Boy it was one to put in the history books too. I got the worst checkout lady. She kept looking at everything I was buying, and felt the need to comment on it. Apparently she had a problem with the brands I buy. She said, "Why do you buy generic hashbrowns but then spend so much on bread?" I replied, "Is it your job to be nosy, or to run the cash register?" For the record, I buy the Walmart brand hashbrowns b/c frozen potatoes are frozen potatoes. They will go in a casserole and no one could tell the difference anyway, AND they were 30 cents cheaper. And I spend extra on Sara Lee Whole Grain White b/c I prefer white bread, but feel we should eat whole grain bread and not empty starchy plain white bread. If it were only DH and I eating it, I'd get the cheap bread, but since my kids are eating it, I go for the whole grains. Then when I was leaving the cart pushers had a big long line of carts parked right behind my van. I said, "could you please move those up so I can get out?" And he actually said TO MY FACE "Why don't you shut up and wait a few minutes? I'm trying to do my job." Oh no. No he did not tell me to shut up. I went back into the store, got one of the CSMs (the ones in the red vests) told her what he had said and made her come out with me. He called me a bitch and slammed a cart into the back of my van! I am not kidding! I got to watch a guy get fired tonight. If I were being rude to him, it would be one thing. I was very nice. No, I wasn't nice to the checkout lady, so maybe the cart pusher was just karma biting me in the ass for being rude to the checker. Maybe I should stop shopping on Friday nights.