Thursday, August 31, 2006

I have just discovered You Tube. Yes, I am that behind the times.

That Ok Go video on the treadmills should be on the blog in a little while. I got really excited b/c you can get perfomances from Rock Star: Supernova on there as well. What an addicting little site! I now have my own personal 'favorites' file on there full of Dilana, Zayra and Toby performances.
In case anyone cares about the US Open (M, I know you do! And I loved Maria Sharapova's black sparkly number from the other night. Have you seen Serena Williams' outfit yet?) the Andre Agassi/Marcos Baghdatis match is still going on. They have just started the 5th set, and they have each broken serve to get back ON serve. They keep panning over to Steffi Graff (Andre's wife) and she has that half sick nervous/excited air about her. I still can't believe Andre is retiring after this tournament. Wow. This is possibly one of the best matches I've seen in a while.