Friday, September 08, 2006

I think this might be my 100th post. Maybe only the 99th, hmm.

I was watching the news earlier and it was showing a piece about school kids in Queensland paying tribute to Steve Irwin. They all stood together and formed the word "Crikey" out on the grass. Someone asked why they did it, and one kid said, "So he can see it looking down from heaven..." I started crying. DH rolled his eyes at me. Then some kid said something like, "American's don't know our Prime Minister, but they know the Crocodile Hunter", and I took offense to this. I know the PM's name, it's John Howard. Now, the reason I know this is b/c I saw a picture of him once and said, "Who is that guy with the fluffy eyebrows?" (seriously, have you seen how fluffy they are? They're like two-toned caterpillars hanging out up there). Then I began to feel really bad. People all over the world know more about America and its history than we probably know about every other country TOTAL. My friends in Canada actually have to take an American History class. I mean, I am not internationally ignorant, I know what is going on for the most part. Sometimes I have to stay away from the news though, b/c I get overly emotional, or too worked up about it (Here is an example of something I should not have read). Then I got over feeling bad and got upset that the main reason everyone knows so much about America is b/c we can't keep our noses in our own business. We've got to be out solving everyone else's problems while our own country goes into a tailspin. We have a crackpot in the White House who has some kind of personal agenda that doesn't (in my opinion) have a whole lot to do with the welfare of his people, but instead has much to do with saving his own ass.

I also read today that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided not to marry until "everyone who wants to be married is allowed to be" or something. I think that's a nice way of saying, not anytime soon. Speaking of Brad Pitt, I live near where he grew up, went to high school, etc...where his parents and brother live. I went to college there, and when he came to visit it made the news. I actually saw Jennifer Aniston once, I was driving behind her. She was on her cel phone. That night on the news the opening story was, "Jennifer Aniston was in Albertson's today buying melons..." Ridiculous. Now there is a big sign up on one of the main roads for a bank. It has a big picture of his brother on it and says, "I bank here". Like anyone really cares where he banks. He's not the one raking in millions and plastered all over the tabloids. Way to exploit the family name!

Since it's Friday, it was WalMart night. Can I get through one week there without incident? Tonight's episode is as follows:
I'm leaving with a full cart, trying to remember where I parked when this guy comes up to me and says, "Ma'am (Oh GOD, I am not a ma'am!), can I ask you something kind of weird?" This is not off to a good start. "Can you take my little girl to the bathroom, I don't want to take her into the men's room." I said ok, b/c I didn't know what else to do. He said, "Thanks, it's hard being a single dad...." Save it buddy, you could have just handed your baby off to a pedophilic lunatic. Good going. She went, and the toilets automatically flush, and she started crying b/c it was loud and it scared her. She did get points for waiting until the flush to cry, after all, her dad did pawn her off on a TOTAL STRANGER to take her to the bathroom. I was so weirded out by the whole experience. Then I started thinking all this crazy stuff like, "what if he wasn't really her dad and I just aided and abetted a kidnapping", etc...I keep watching for Amber Alerts in my area.
I also ended up leaving the store forgetting most of the things I needed, so have to go back tomorrow. Super.

**Adding some news links I found interesting.
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