Friday, September 08, 2006

I have been tagged by Jim, so here goes....

Leaving a few of Jim's answers b/c they fit me as well.

Things I would like to do before I die
1. Be a singer in a band.
2. Watch a Wimbledon final, live, in the stands
3. Renovate a historical home
4. Travel to Ireland, Scotland and Australia.
5. Win the lottery so I can do all of the above things

Things I CAN NOT do
1. Whistle, period. It's terribly embarrassing.
2. I could never, ever work in fast food. Just the thought of it stresses me out, it is so fast paced.
3. Speak a foreign language fluently
4. Order a drink in public w/o first glancing around the room out of guilt. Hello, I am a grown woman, what is my problem?
5. a cartwheel. I just never learned.

Things I CAN do
1. read a novel in one sitting
2. Take control of a situation that has gotten out of hand
3. Bend myself like a pretzel
4. pick up both my kids at the same time. With one arm I can lift 39 pounds of 3 year old wiggliness, and with the other pick up 21 pounds of 14 month old wiggliness (and yet I have trouble opening jars. Someone explain this to me)
5. Make great mixed drinks

Things that attracted me to my husband
1. We were both involved in community theatre
2. He loves me even when I don't deserve it.
3. He smells really good
4. He calls me out when I'm acting stupid, but puts up with it anyway
5. He is taller than me

Things I say most often
1. I can say a lot with an eye roll
2. Stop climbing on that, you are not a monkey!!
3. Shut up! (normally when I have done or said something stupid, and DH gives me this look that clearly says "You are mentally challenged.")
4. Can Mommy puh-leeze have a minute to herself??
5. What in the world made you think that was a good idea??!!??

Books I love to read
1. Catcher in the Rye
2. Bag of Bones
3. Harry Potter series
4. David Copperfield
5. Summer Sisters

Movies I love
1. Rocky Horror Picture Show
2. Clue
3. Noises Off
4. Grease
5. Almost Famous
6. Say Anything
7. Ferris Beuller's Day Off
8. Snatch
9. Ocean's Eleven
10. Empire Records

I hereby tag M and Gypsy... unless they just don't want to do it, then that's ok!