Monday, September 04, 2006

Expandable! Grows to 600% its original size!!

Who wouldn't buy something that claimed to do this?

No, it wasn't a pharmeceutical for physical enhancement, it was a child's toy. X found these animals that you put into water, and they grow. They are about 4 inches big anyway, so think about how big 600% growth would make them. Sounds awesome, right? No. No it is not awesome. Do you know why it is not awesome? Because when I casually glanced at the back of the package for instructions I saw the numbers 5 and 10, thinking that was how many minutes it would take for the things to grow. Uh uh. Nope. 5 to 10 DAYS! 5 to 10 days, are you kidding? Let's just say X is not the most patient kid in the universe, my day has been hellacious. "Are my creatures growing mom, are they? Let's check on them!" It wouldn't be that big of a deal, going into the bathroom every 2 1/2 seconds, to see the creatures (a shark and a squid) that have taken up residence in my tub, but if you recall the Leyton-in-the-toilet photo from a week or so ago, you'll understand that I am constantly fighting to keep L out of the bathroom while X is in there checking on his animals. The best part is, they get really slimy and this gelatinous ooze is all in the bathtub. Super. But, as the package says, and I quote, "The animals may become slimy as they expand. This is part of the process and is entirely harmless. Slimy is fun!"
Yeah, slimy is fun.