Thursday, August 24, 2006

Repetitive movie themes

Ok, it's driving me crazy. First, it's sports films. How many of them have one of these two plots: (1)Team of misfits led to victory (or at least a close second, so as not to be to predictable...right) by a tough but caring coach who also learns a lesson of his/her own or (2)One player is underestimated, but gets the glory in the end. Seriously, list them off for me in either category one or two...let's just see how many we get. Yes, this was brought about because of all the trailers for the new Marky Mark movie, which I will probably watch and probably cry over. It doesn't matter, I always cry over sports. When teams win the big game, or the little gymnast limps her way to a gold medal.The next theme is this true Hollywood crime thing, with Black Dahlia and Hollywoodland coming out (both of these I'm really anxious to see). I know there are only so many directions you can go with storylines, but try harder!! More Cameron Crowe, please! (The only one of his films I haven't seen is Vanilla Sky, so don't fault me that one ok, I've heard it's terrible. Rent Singles or Almost Famous to renew your faith...or catch Say Anything on cable).

So Days of Our Lives has a new head writer, and he's getting rid of lots of characters. So far the count is Austin & Carrie, Jack, Jen, & Frankie (I'm sad over these 3), and Patrick Lockhart. Why are they taking Patrick away, why?? He was the best looking guy on that whole show! I guess this means Hope's baby will end up being Bo's, like we didn't know that was coming anyway. At least I still have E.J. to look at. I do like that the direction is going in the way of the "old" Days. Lots of fun there. I'm very disappointed that Jason Cook, who plays Shawn Douglas, is leaving the show. He has taped his last episode. I think I will have a hard time accepting anyone else into this role, but I said the same thing when Martha Madison took over as Belle, and now I love her so much more than Kirsten Storms. A new murder storyline seems to be in the works, let's hope it goes better than the Salem Stalker thing from a couple years ago.
And on to Passions...I don't like them making Julian bad again. I loved nice Julian!!! But with Alistair dead, they have to do something I guess. Spike isn't cutting it.

I found more silver hairs today, all in a little group near the part in my hair, directly on top of my head. At first I thought it was particularly shiny strands of highlights, but then I realized my highlights are way past due for a touch up.
Sorry about the mess today, with the whole template deal. I went back to the site where I picked up the pretty template (that I SO WISH would work), and I am not the only one who had the sidebar at the bottom problem. I wish I understood why when I switched over to a different blogger template from the actual blogger website that it did the same thing? I guess it's just not time to change yet!