Friday, August 25, 2006

What happens when Friday isn't Friday anymore?

Friday doesn't have the same appeal for me anymore. I don't get the weekend off, I don't even get one DAY off(the pitfalls of being a wife and mother, lol). DH works until 3am on Friday nights, and then works Saturday from 8am to 4pm. No Friday for him either.
I'm cranky today...I'm tired, my back and my head hurt and I promised to take the kids outside...but it is so hot, and every time I step out the door mosquitoes see me and swarm. Seriously, the don't bite anyone but me. I am out there for 20 minutes and come back in looking like I have leprosy. The boys are playing so well right now, which is rare, I haven't had to yell "Share!" in about 10 minutes. Do I dare mess this up and trek outside into a world of itchy grass, itchy bugs, and overwhelming humidity? Yes. Maybe one of our creepy neighbors will be out there too, yipee. One I swear is a drug dealer. He has no job. His wife is a teacher at the same school as my MIL, and their daughter is in high school. They are pretty normal, but he is not. He never wears a shirt, and he should. He's really skinny and always wears cutoff jeans, and carries a big stick when he goes for a walk. He walks all over town even though he has 3 cars. Sometimes, he takes each car around the block. He gets in one, drives it, comes home and parks it. Gets out, and repeats the process with his other cars. Crazy bastard. The other neighbor is creepy too. I haven't figured out if he has a job or not. He has a race car that he is always working on. It is so freaking loud. And he always seems to be working on it when my kids are trying to take a nap. Our street echoes really badly, so it seems even louder still. Sometimes he comes over without being asked and mows our backyard or uses the weed eater. This may seem nice, but he has an agenda. He stares at me and makes inappropriate comments he doesn't think I can hear. Sometimes when I get up in the morning, I'm not wearing very much. But since I'm in my own house, I figure that's ok. My first stop is usually the kitchen sink to get me or one of the boys a drink of water. More than once I've caught him in his backyard, looking over the fence at me. I wear a robe now. We really have no luck with neighbors. Have a good Friday everyone, enjoy it and appreciate it.